Tuesday, October 16, 2012

VIce Presidential Debate

Martha Raddatz is receiving a great deal of praise for her tough questions at last week's vice presidential debate, and deservedly so. But there was one question I wanted to hear her ask:

"If your running mate is elected/reelected, you would be one breath away from the presidency. Please tell us why you think you are fit to be President of the United States." Instead, we heard Paul Ryan talking about policy, and Joe Biden defending his boss.

Can Paul Ryan or Joe Biden lead this country?

If Romney is elected, Ryan will have far less of an impact as V.P. than he has had as congressman. Say what you want about his domestic plan; what we don't know is his ability to lead. Biden has done some good work on foreign soil, and even though he has occasionally put his foot in his mouth, he is a smart and savvy politician. But in dealing with a partisan Congress -- an area that the president certainly hoped to exploit, given Biden's extensive experience on Capitol Hill -- he has been a disappointment.

At the end of the day, these points are inconsequential.
What I want to know is:

Can Paul Ryan or Joe Biden lead this country?

I would have liked to hear each of them answer that question.

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